The teaching team for 2024 is as follows. 

Room 1 - Mrs Samantha Keith - email:

Room 2 - Mrs Charissa Towers - email:

Room 3 - Miss Kyla Harkness- email:

Room 5 - Ms Vivienne Cockayne - email:

Across Syndicate - Mrs Jamuna Manohar

We are looking forward to a great year of learning and fun with the children. 

Home learning Year 3
Year Three Photos for the website
Home learning Year 3

WAter Skills For Life

This is a safe water programme where tamariki learn water survival skills over the course of their primary school years. It gives tamariki the skills and knowledge they need to assess risk, make smart decisions and be safe in, on and around water. 

Trip to Butterfly Creek 

It was a beautiful day for our trip to Butterfly Creek. We went to spark curiosity as we start a study on butterfles. The crocodiles were a favourite. We saw one jump out of the water as it was fed. It was very exciting. 

Bat First 

Coach Matt from Auckland Cricket came into our school on Thursday last week with a great surprise. All the year three students were given a cricket bat and ball. This was thanks to the Bat First initiative which aims to put a BatFirst pack into the hands of every Year 3 child attending a decile 1-5 school in Auckland. They taught the kids a few games to get started, such as juggling the ball and french cricket. We hope you enjoy your new gear.

Room 1 Swimming

Room 1 have been enjoying swimming and learning new skills in the water. We have been practicing how to hold our breath under water, picking up objects on the floor and how to stay afloat with a board. 

Room 3’s Art Day with Ms Jackson

Students learnt about the artist Georgia O'Keeffe and they created their own mixed media flower paintings using bubble painting inspired by her work. They focused on mixing colours with paint, creating a range of green shades using only blue, yellow and white paint.