Road Safety and Car Parking.

Road Safety

Parents are reminded to teach their children safety rules for going to and from school. Encourage children to come to school in groups rather than on their own. Road crossing patrollers and teachers are on duty:

Year 5 and 6 pupils are permitted to ride bicycles to school provided they understand and can obey the road rules, can ride a bike safely and their bike meets safety standards.  If your child would like to ride their bike to school, they will need to obtain a permission slip from the school office. Once the permission form is completed please return it to school.  A Deputy Principal will then ask your child to bring their bike to school, along with their safety helmet and a bike lock.  The Deputy Principal will check that your child has a lock, that their helmet fits and that the bike  is road worthy.  Once all these requirements are met, your child will be issued with a high viz vest to wear when riding to and from school.   Bikes cannot be ridden on school grounds, they need to be walked in upon entering the school gates. 

Car parking - Picking up and dropping off children

The driveway entry to school is for taxis and staff cars only. If you are driving your children to school, please drop off or pick up pupils using Frost Road or the side streets. Where possible, park further away and have your child/children walk the remaining distance to school. We are a Travel Wise school and have suggested drop off zones. Please ask our Reception staff for a map showing where these drop off/pick up points are.

Be aware that Yogiji Food Mart's car park is privately owned and for use by customers only. 

If parents park in this car park they are likely to receive infringement notices and a fine.

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