Zone Rugby League 

Tuesday 6th June

  Toy and Electronic Day 

Wednesday 7th June


Friday 19th May. Pink Shirt Day is a global anti-bullying campaign that first started in Canada in 2007.
It was a great success!  Our students supported the message of speaking up, standing together and saying no to bullying,
by coming to school in pink.

  Market Day

Thursday 18th March

  Zone FootBall

It was a cloudy morning on the 28 of March when our school football teams set off for Keith Hay Park . We were all very excited, for some of us walking on the bridge over the motorway was a treat because we have never walked that way.

After the teachers and managers had their briefing, we were all ready to play. There were eight fields in total laid out all over the big field. Our games were spread out all over from field 1 to field 8. Some of us were very nervous. But when it started we did not hold anything back. We all had one focus- to get the ball past our opponents goal posts.

We were running, kicking, passing, and running some more. We cheered and supported each other. We congratulated and encouraged each other.We won some and lost some. We all showed good sportsmanship because we played by the rules, played as a team and helped each other.

A few of us were lucky enough to play ‘Adapted football’ with our Endeavour Centre students. We had a lot of fun helping them kick the football around. We were glad they got a chance to be a part of the game.

The final hooter went and it was time to pack up and walk back to school. The adults had a surprise for us. As we were walking back, we suddenly had lollies raining down on us. We had a lolly scramble!!

We took a long time walking back and the adults had to hurry us along. We walked the same way we came but somehow the walk back to school seemed a whole lot longer!  Hhhmm, we wondered why?

We were more tired than we thought but it was such a fun day. The Year 6 people were sad at the end because they will never get to play in the MRPS jersey again. For the 5 people we will be listening out for the notices calling for football  enthusiasts. Bring on Zone Football 2024!!!

A big thank you to our teachers and parents who supported us, encouraged us and assisted us in more ways than one.

By: Zone football teams 2023

  Puketāpapa walk

On Thursday 23rd March the Year 1 team walked up to the top of Puketāpapa. We talked about some of the key landmarks we could see and related this back to the story of Hape which we have been learning about in class. 

Zone Cricket

Tuesday 7th March
Boys Zone Cricket by Rithwick

We felt nervous when we came up against other school teams. We were not nervous after we won our first game! Our captain was Shaan and when we started our second game we were so hyped because Shaan and our team mates got over 10 wickets and we won with 48 runs and our opponent lost with 6 runs. Then we heard that our last game was against Three Kings and our team won again but we also felt sad because their team got 0 wins out of 3. At last we went back to school with pride and joy.

Rippa Rugby

Tuesday 21st February

Rippa Rugby Competition by Ljay Sauane 

The MRPS Rippa team went to Fearon Park to play against other schools for the  Zone Rippa Competition.  

Our first game was against Dominion Road. Dyson intercepted the ball. He scored the first try. We were so excited. MRPS won against Dominion Road 7-1.  Next we played against Christ the King and AJ scored our first try. Ljay intercepted the ball twice. MRPS won 11-3. 

MRPS played against Halsey Drive School. We won 6-5.

Our last game was against Marshall Laing Primary School. We kept pulling their tags and they managed to score 2 tries. In the second half they scored one more try but we still managed to win 9-3.