Welcome to
Mt Roskill Primary School

Our Vision:  To be
Active, Engaged, Successful Learners


"Holdfast to the value of respect and caring for one another, working together as one, we are forever learning."

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Mt Roskill Primary.  We are part of the Mt Roskill Campus of Schools where education is valued highly and students achieve. Our vision is to develop children that are active, engaged, successful learners. We give them opportunities to achieve in the classroom, on the sports field, in cultural activities and as good citizens.

Our school is a wonderful mix of diversity, with students from many cultural backgrounds working alongside students with physical disabilities and others with special learning needs. All have their part to play and all are successfully provided for. 

Our community comes from around the world and they all value education and want their child to achieve. At Mt Roskill Primary School we look forward to working with each of you to make that vision a reality.

Mike O'Reilly

Date Published: 15 February 2023 (updated 31-3-2023)

Dear Parents/Caregivers

School Communication With Families 

1. Parents having the School Stream app downloaded onto their devices so they could receive any important information as it came to hand.

2. Parents updating our office staff with any changes to addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.


In the event where there is an urgent message where we need to ensure all families are contacted we:

1. Place a notice on School Stream

2. Update our website with the same notice

3. Email all families.

4. Put a message on our electronic board situated at the front of the driveway.


Our school newsletter which is published once a fortnight, on a Wednesday, is sent out on the School Stream app and can also be found on our school website.


Teachers and teams use School Stream to keep parents updated  on such things as class trips, swimming and library days and often share photos and children's work via their class or team folder on School Stream.


The Year 1 and 2 teachers also use the app See Saw to share work children have been doing and to update parents.


When teachers need to contact parents, they often email parents.


If you have not downloaded the School Stream app onto your devices please do this as soon as you can. Instructions on how to do this are attached. Parents can select which folders to have access to i.e. just to their child's class notices, team notices and whole school notices.


Most of our notices are published in the newsletter or School Stream. We only email parents when there is a major event occurring that we need to ensure everyone has received the notice, such as the cyclone earlier this term where we needed to close the school.


Please help us to keep the communication channels open by downloading the School Stream app. and ensuring we have your correct phone number, address and email address.


Are you receiving our fortnightly school newsletter? Are you receiving notices from your child's school teacher? These are now coming to you via the school app. 

The School Stream app delivers Mt Roskill Primary School information directly to users on their mobile devices.

Free Download and instructions for iphone or Android 

How to Change School Stream categories

Please can you change the School Stream categories to the year levels and classes your children are in this year.Instructions to change categories are as follows-

How to Turn on/off Categories

You can choose the Categories you see and receive notifications for by swiping left on the desired Category. Example below.

How to Restore Deleted Categories 

You can unhide a removed category by scrolling to the bottom of the app and selecting Show Deleted Categories.

You may then locate the removed category, swipe to the left and hit Restore.

Please contact the school office if you need further assistance with the download process. 

Term 1, 2023

School starts for all students on Tuesday 07th February, 8:50am

Term 1 Starts: Tuesday 07th February Ends:  Thursday 06th April

Easter and Term 1 holidays: 

Term 2, 2023

School starts for all students on Wednesday 26th April 

Term 2 Starts:  Wednesday 26th April Ends: Friday 30th June 

Term 2 holidays: 

Term 3, 2023

School starts for all students on Monday 17th July 

Term 3 Starts:  Monday 17th July Ends: Friday 22nd September

Term 3 holidays: 

Term 4, 2023

School starts for all students on Monday 9th October

Term 4 Starts:  Monday 9th October Ends: Wednesday 20th December

Term 2 holidays: 

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Term Dates 2023

Term 1: Tues 7th FebThu 6th Apr

Term 2: Wed 26th April – Fri 30th Jun
Term 3: Mon 17th Jul – Fri 22nd  Sep
Term 4: Mon 9th Oct – Wed 20th Dec