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School Hours and After School Classes

  • 8.30 am Teachers on duty. Road patrols begin Children can enter classrooms. 
  • Children should be at school by 8.45 am, ready to start the days program at 8.50 am

  • 8.50 - 10.30 first block of teaching time
  • 10.30 - 10.50- morning tea break
  • 10.50 - 11.50 second block of teaching time
  • 11.50 - 12 noon- short break 
  • 12 noon - 1 p.m. third block of teaching time
  • 1 p.m. - 1.10 p.m. lunch eating in class
  • 1.10 p.m.- 1.50 p.m. lunch break
  • 1.50 - 3 p.m. fourth block of teaching time.
  • School finishes at 3 p.m. 
Children need to be collected from school by 3.15 pm. The Mt Roskill Primary School Board of Trustees has determined that any child not collected by 3.30 pm on any school day will be placed in the care of one of our specially appointed staff and their time in care will be charged to parents at the rate of $ 5.00 per 30 minutes. 

After School Classes 

We have SKIDS (Safe kids in Daily Supervision) operating an after school care program in the  School Hall and Quad daily from 3 - 6 p.m. and they also offer school holiday programs. 
This is a structured program which includes supervision of homework tasks as well  planned activities and free play. The SKIDS team provide afternoon tea for the children. 

OSCAR Subsidy through NZ Work and Income available

If you are working or studying or receiving CDA , you can pay as little as $2.00 per day ( conditions apply)

Full time Bookings


Full time after school care( ASC)

 $ 80.00 per week

Full time after school care (ASC -EPU)

 $ 55.00 per week

Full time Before school care ( BSC)

$  50.00 per week

Full time BSC and ASC

$ 110.00 per week


Part time Bookings


Part time ASC

$17.50 per session

Part time ASC EPU

$14.50 per session

Part Time BSC

$ 12.50 per session

Casual Care ASC

$20.50 per session


Casual Bookings


Casual ASC

$20.50 per session

Casual ASC EPU

$15.50 per session

Casual BSC

$ 15.50 per session

ASC – After School Care

EPU –Early Pick Up ( collect by 4pm)

BSC – Before School Care

Before School Care is also available from 7:30-8:30 am. 

For further information and/or enrolment please ring the SKIDS office on 09 275 3458 or ring 021  105 5303 or 0800 900 754.
Email: mtroskill@skids.co.nz. 

The school office does not handle enrolments into the SKIDS program but can assist with giving parents/caregivers a brochure with an outline of the SKIDS program and contact details.