our Vision: to be Active, Engaged, Successful Learners



Message from the Principal

Welcome to Mt Roskill Primary.  We are part of the Mt Roskill Campus of Schools where education is valued highly and students achieve. Our vision is to develop children that are active, engaged, successful learners. We give them opportunities to achieve in the classroom, on the sports field, in cultural activities and as good citizens.
Our school is a wonderful mix of diversity, with students from many cultural backgrounds working alongside students with physical disabilities and others with special learning needs. All have their part to play and all are successfully provided for. 

Our community comes from around the world and they all value education and want their child to achieve. At Mt Roskill Primary School we look forward to working with each of you to make that vision a reality.

Mike O'Reilly

2017 ERO Review

Our most recent ERO Review was completed towards the end of last year. The final report has now been released and we have the pleasure of providing a link for you to read it HERE.

The report highlights the excellent work going on at Mt Roskill Primary. They note our success in raising student achievement and providing a safe and supportive environment for all our students. Over the three days they were here they observed the great teachers and staff we have at our school as well as the excellent relationship that exists between school leaders and the Board of Trustees.

They also discussed the very positive involvement of our community in the life of the school and in the learning of our students.

ERO will return to evaluate and review the school again in 4-5 years. This is the longest time they allow between review dates. This is a reflection of the good work we are doing as a school. We are very proud of this achievement.

Mike O'Reilly


Term 1 - Wednesday 7th February - Friday 13th April
Term 2 - Monday 30th April - Friday 6th July
Term 3 - Monday 23rd July-Friday 28th September
Term 4 - Monday 15th October- Thursday 20th December


Thursday       21 JuneBOT Meeting 5:30 pm -Meeting Room
Tuesday26 June    Zone Hockey
Tuesday         26 JuneYear 4 Digital Tool Day
Wednesday27 JunePupil Management Market Day for children -Proceeds to fund our sponsored child in Africa
Wednesday27 JunePasifika meet and eat and Community Consultation from 8-10 am
Wed- Fri27-29 JuneMobile Hearing Clinic here
Thursday28 JuneWhole School Litter Blitz
Friday         29 JuneCitizenship Assembly for Year 3-6, 11 am-Hall
Friday29 June Junior Assembly from 1:50 -Hall.
Monday 2 July Year 4 Zoo Trip
Tuesday 3 JulyYear 6 Bake sale for children during morning tea (10:30-10:50) Quad
Wednesday   4 JulyYear 3 Technology Day
Wednesday    4 July Year 6 Trip to MOTAT
Wednesday    4 JulyMobile Hearing Clinic here
Thursday  5 July New Entrant Parent morning 8:30-10:30 am
Friday      6 July Whole School Assembly 11 am