Board of Trustees

Message from the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees wish to extend a warm welcome to all new pupils and their families to Mt Roskill Primary School. We offer a secure, stimulating, safe and happy learning environment for our children. Mt Roskill Primary School produces successful young achievers every year, which we are very proud of, and we owe a lot to our dedicated staff. We endeavour to create a stimulating learning environment and the strategic plan that is developed in consultation with the staff directs us in developing Active, Engaged, Successful Learners.

The Board, Principal and Staff want to work together with you collaboratively in the development of our children and our school. Mt Roskill Primary School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities along with the core subjects to produce well rounded successful children. You are very welcome to attend our monthly Board meetings which are advertised in the fortnightly school newsletter and we want to know your hopes and aspirations for your children so we can help achieve these goals collectively.

Our Board of Trustees currently consists of six members;
  • Raj Bhikha - Chairperson & Community Representative 
  • Jonathon Singh - Community Representative
  • Paul Booth - Community Representative 
  • Yousef Al-Afghani - Community Representative
  • Nerys Major - Community Representative
  • Jo Franklin - Staff Representative 
  • Mike O'Reilly - Principal 
I would like to extend our best wishes to you and trust that by all working together we achieve the best for our children.



Raj Bhikha
My name is Raj Bhikha. My involvement with the Mt Roskill Primary Board of Trustees  started in 2007 some 10 years ago. I am born and bred in Auckland and lived my whole life in the area. My 3 children have all attended Mt Roskill Primary in the past and have now moved on to attend high school at Mt Albert Grammar School and the University of Auckland.
I have a Diploma in Architecture, a Bachelors in Construction Management and a Bachelors in Construction Economics.  Professionally I am a Senior                                         Quantity Surveyor for Leighs Construction. I enjoy                                                using my work experience and utilising my                                                            Project Management skills on working through                                                    Board related issues.
                                        Children, finance, property and staffing matters are                                            amongst the biggest responsibilities for the Board of                                         Trustees. I am pleased to be part of a Board which                                            makes very good informed decisions based on                                                    Community consultation and on the detailed data                                                provided by the School Management team. I enjoy                                            providing my services on the Board to help make a                                            difference for our school whilst ensuring every child                                            achieves their true potential.



Paul Booth
I first served as a co-opted board member and am now an elected member of the Board of Trustees. My wife Debbie and I have three children, the youngest is in Year 7 at Mt Roskill Intermediate School and two older children are in Year 11 and 13 at Mt Roskill Grammar School. 
Our family has been part of the Mt Roskill community for 23 years. 
Professionally I am a transport logistics manager providing transport, procurement and governance solutions for New Zealand Post.  I believe Mt Roskill Primary School is a valuable and  central part of our diverse community.           As a board member I want to actively support the school             management to give all children the opportunity to learn             and achieve in a safe and welcoming environment, with the          best teachers, technology and resources and to help the             school to continue to build upon these strengths.



My Name is Yousef. I am a parent of three students in the Roskill campus. I have obtained my bachelor of engineering (BE) in 2002. Working in multidisciplinary engineering fields preceded my attendance at the University of Auckland where I obtained my masters of engineering (ME) in 2012.
I hold national and international accreditation in mechanical, heavy transport and engineering fields. Currently, I work as a director and senior engineering consultant in an engineering consulting firm. I do have great interest in                                                       literature, mathematics, physics, sciences,                                                       history, engineering and technology. I believe                                                   that progressive and balanced education has a                                                prime role in building and sustaining a great                                                   future for the generations to come.


Nerys Major

Hi, my name is Nerys Major and I am a mother of six children.  One at Mt Roskill Intermediate (Year 7), three at Mt Roskill Primary (Years 5, 3, and 1) and two at Mt Roskill Early Childhood Centre.  I work on campus as the Manager of the Mt Roskill Early Childhood Centre I am an invested and passionate member of the Mt Roskill Community and am a strong advocate for children and parents in my day to day work and can bring this to the school board.  Education is a strong passion of mine and ensuring children are empowered                         to view themselves as competent learners is the                                    foundation of both my career and home life.  I have                                experience in governance as I attend the trust                                        meetings for the Mt Roskill Early Childhood Centre, I                            will bring communication skills, knowledge in early                                years learning, experience with ERO and Ministry                                agencies.  I hope to put my skills and experience to                              good use to contribute to the development and                                      progress of Mt Roskill Primary School.  


Kia ora. I am Jo Franklin. I am the Staff Trustee on the Mt. Roskill Primary School Board. I have been in the education field for 30 years now and thoroughly enjoy working with children. I believe that every child has the potential to learn and grow, and it is our responsibility as a school to provide a safe,                                                   meaningful learning environment to enable                                                       students to achieve their best. We have a great                                                culture of learning at our school and I am                                                       proud to be a part of it.