To enrol a child at Mt Roskill Primary School you are required to provide the following:
  • A birth certificate, if born in New Zealand or 
  • A passport stamped with a residency visa or valid student permit. 
  • If not making out-of-zone application,  2 proofs of living at an in-zone address (e.g. electricity bill, telephone bill, statutory declaration), we do not accept Bank statement or personal letters. 
  • Immunisation certificate.
  • If the child is born in New Zealand but at least one parent is a migrant, then that parent is required to provide a copy of their birth certificate OR their passport.
  • Latest school report or portfolio from early childhood centre
Enrolments are carried out at the school office any day during term time between the hours of 8 am and 3.30 pm. 

Out of Zone applications for 2020 entry are closed.

Out of Zone Applications for 2021 entry will be open from May 2020 onwards. 

The Ballot for Out of Zone 2021 applications closes sometime in OCTOBER 2020 (dates to be confirmed).

Any child who would like to come to MRPS during 2021 who is out of zone must apply before this date. Please come to our school to collect your enrolment details. 


Mount Roskill Primary School Enrolment zone 

Baxter StreetWhole Street
Bremner Avenue        Odd 1-47 & Even 2-68 
Bristol Road         Whole Street
Britton AvenueWhole Street
Carr RoadOdd 41-87 & Even 40-86 
Clinker Street Whole Street 
Coleman Avenue Whole Street 
Cullen AvenueWhole Street
Denbigh Avenue Whole Street 
Denny Avenue Odd 1-39 & Even 2-32
Dominion Road Odd 1051-1107 & Even 1302-1374 
Dornwell Road Whole Street 
Fred Woodward Place Whole Street 
Frost Road Whole Street 
Glenarm Avenue Whole Street 
Gregory Place Whole Street 
Hayr Road One side only. Odd 1-59 
James Preston Avenue Whole Street 
Kinloch Avenue Whole Street 
Lowery Avenue     Whole Street 
Matomato Lane    Whole Street
May Road Odd 17-53 & Even 34-80 
Melrose Road Odd 71-153 & Even 66-176 
Milliken Avenue Whole School 
Mt Albert Road One side 439-501 
Mt Roskill Road Odd 29-63 & Even 32-64 
Oakdale Road Odd 1-3 & Even 2-4 
Radnor Road Whole Street 
Rainford Street     Whole Street 
Somerset Road Whole Street 
Stamford Park RoadWhole Street 
Stoddard Road Odd 1-41 & Even 2-42 
Tory Street Whole Street
Vic Butler Street    Whole Street 
Winstone Road Odd 13-79 & Even 14-68