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Mt Roskill Primary is a diverse central Auckland school.  Our roll grows to about 760 students by the end of the year.  Over 80% of our students are bi-lingual and some speak multiple languages.  Many of our students are high performing and achieve very well academically.  We provide many sporting and cultural activities at the school with good rates of participation. All of our families care deeply about education and are heavily invested in their child’s learning.  Diversity doesn’t just stop at ethnicity though; we have over 50 ORS funded students, most of whom attend the Endeavour Centre, but some are in mainstream classes. All are integrated into the life of the school and add to the colour and vibrancy that is Mt Roskill Primary.                                     

We are part of the Mt Roskill Campus of schools and work very closely with our Intermediate and Grammar colleagues.  We are also part of the Puketapapa Kahui Ako

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Key Tasks

  1. Lead and facilitate collaborative inquiry into innovative, research based solutions that allow all of our students to achieve.  The school has received Teacher Led Innovation Funding for a project that you will oversee. You will have a sound understanding of collaborative inquiry and how to utilise it to improve teacher practice.

  2. Pasifika learners make up 17% of our student population.  They are an important part of the Mt Roskill Community and are creative and vibrant contributors at our school.  We have established good relationships with many Pasifika families and we have seen some shifts in Pasifika achievement.  Your role will be to continue to work with our Pasifika community and our teachers to gain equitable outcomes for these students.

  3. Lead and facilitate mathematical inquiry in the school.  Our school has had 2 years of inquiring into a more authentic, problem-solving approach with mixed ability grouping.  We have been supported in this work by Cognition Education. This work and support will continue in 2019. We are also involved with ALIM and you will also support teachers involved in this work.

  4. Overall responsibility for Y1 and 2 classes in the school.  To ease transition and to best meet the needs of our students we have introduced a more student centred approach to Y1.  This involves a more flexible timetable and integration of key skills into a play based programme for parts of the day.

  5. Puketapapa Kahui Ako Liaison Deputy Principal.  The Puketapapa Kahui Ako is made up of six schools.  We are currently working on Maths achievement in Y4-10.  This year we will begin work on writing. You will work with Across School Leaders to facilitate Kahui Ako initiatives.  You will be responsible for managing up to four within school leaders and supporting them with their inquiries.

  6. Important administrative roles include liaising with Early Childhood providers in the area, enrolment, international students, class placements, managing the website and school app, managing our IT support person and liaising with our IT provider.

Please download the Role Description Docx and fill in the attached application form, if you are interested in joining our team
Allan Faid,
Feb 12, 2019, 4:57 PM