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Starting School for 5 Year Olds

For some children, transitioning from home and/or preschool to school can be difficult.

To make the transition to school smoother for both parents and children, we run a New Entrant Morning the last Thursday of each term for all 5 year olds starting school the following term. Parents and the child come to school at the start of the day and meet all the other 5 year old children who will be starting school and participate in a typical class program.

The Thursday before the child starts school, the parent/caregiver is welcome to bring their child for another class visit. The child will join the class and meet the class teacher at this time. When the child starts school, having participated in these visits, they will have already met some of the children, seen his/her room and in most instances have met the class teacher.

See the office staff for further information and to make arrangements for a class visit. Please make the time to support your child to transition well into school.