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Children are encouraged to bring their own lunch from home. Pupils are not permitted to leave the school grounds to buy lunches. The school has a school lunchroom that sells a selection of food items. Lists of food that can be purchased and prices will be sent home in the school newsletters at regular intervals.

Mt Roskill Primary School is an EnviroSchool and children are taught how to recycle and re- use items for a more sustainable future. We encourage parents to put lunches in to lunch boxes and keep the use of gladwrap and other non- recyclable items to a minimum.

No Lollies at School

We try to promote healthy eating and drinking and therefore do not allow lollies, chewing gum, chocolate, fizzy/energy drinks at school. While birthdays are a special time, unlike many preschools, we do not allow parents to bring birthday cakes or presents for other children. Occasionally teachers may organise a shared lunch for the class. In this instance a notice will be sent home in advance advising parents.