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COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Learning Packs Available (Wednesday 25 March, 2020) : 8am - 4pm

The NZ Government and Ministry of Education have stated that school holidays will now be from Monday, 30th March until Tuesday, 14th April which is then followed by two weeks of Covid-19 lock down. Learning is expected to happen during this lockdown phase.

We have prepared a range of reading, writing and maths learning tasks for our students. These learning packs will be available for you to collect from our school tomorrow between 8am and 4 pm.  Note: the year 6 team are only supplying hard copy learning packs to those children without access to the website. All other teams have catered for a learning pack per student.

We ask that only one adult from each family comes into the school grounds to collect the learning packs:

Year 1 Room 21

Year 2 Room 20

Year 3 Room 19

Year 4 Room 18

Year 5 Window to the Forum by EC access

Year 6 Window to the Forum by court area

EC    Room 31

The learning packs are also available on our website from tomorrow under the Syndicate Webpages. 

Each syndicate will send you a separate School Stream alert giving the particular details for that group of students.

Teachers will be contacting families this week and then after April 14th to liaise with you about the learning packs.

This is a new situation for all of us.  Please allow teachers some time to sort out any problems or questions you may have.

Mike O’Reilly


Heidy Yao,
Mar 23, 2020, 5:17 PM